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Please review our frequently asked questions and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

What Are The Basic Course Logisitics?

Our courses run for 3 consecutive days. Each day of the course runs from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you select the Premium or Enterprise Package, you will also attend a 4th day of the course for 3-5 hours to cover your additional package details. You will receive multiple e-mails leading up to the course regarding login details, materials, etc.

Where Can I Get More Information?

First, we recommend attending one of our free webinars or by watching a previously recorded session. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.

Do I Need To Be Licensed To Conduct This Business?

No. You are not involved in the transaction of any property. You are also not involved in the sending or receiving of capital.

Are There any Hidden Costs?

No. You pay a one-time fee for the course and everything in your agreement is included. You may choose to add additional services for larger marketing budgets or other features. However, we make no attempt to collect on your included services in any other capacity.

Do You Ever Take Any Portion Of The Commissions?

No. You keep 100% of all commissions you generate. Your expected commission is made transparent to you in writing the moment a lender or funding partner accepts your deal.

Why Do Your Brokers Get 100% Of The Commission?

We found over time as we sought to hire brokers that they were not sufficiently motivated to work with our services, lenders or funding partners if they only received a 3% commission or less. We realized that we drove more business for everyone by allowing you to keep your commissions. So, we decided to rollout a training arm for brokers interested in learning the business in the hopes that they refer others to us and use our many sources of capital. This also allows for us to remove any conflict of interest regarding your commission amount or funding scenario. In short, we are successful when you are successful.

Do We Work Directly With The Lenders?

Yes! 1. Most funding sources have requirements where you must submit funding references, past 2-3 years of historical performance, etc. 2. Most lenders and funding partners do not want to be inundated with poor deals and inexperienced or uneducated brokers. 3. All of our lenders and funding sources allow you to send them business. However, we have agreed to provide training on how to submit a financing package according to their guidelines while you are learning the field of Commercial Capital. 4. At any time, the lenders and funding partners may begin working directly with you, you may inquire with them about requesting to become a direct broker or you may eventually qualify for their broker standards after you have been in business for a while. The commissions are no different in any capacity whether we process your deals or if you work directly with the funding sources. It is your business and you may conduct business however you would like with whomever you would like. It is your business and you may conduct business however you would like with whomever you would like. Our only disclaimer is that we will not process a loan with an outside funding source that we are not familiar with or if you begin working with a funding source directly.

What Is The Point In The Subsidiary Concept?

You're new to the field of Commercial Capital. You will have a new business name and will be navigating new relationships. It can help to have a verifiable reputation and online presence for credibility. For this reason we offer you two opportunities. Business Cards: All business cards can have all of your pertinent information and company logo. Beneath the business name you select, we can print in a very faint sub-text "A Subsidiary of Advisory Capital Funding Group". We can do the same on your website. For example: Harbor Side Capital a subsidiary of the Advisory Capital Funding Group This creates a sense of professionalism and vetted knowledge. It shows that even though you are a new business owner, you have the full support of a Commercial Capital organization. If you do go this route, you may be listed on our website as one of our preferred brokers. Your broker profile can display all of your organization's contact information, logo, headshot, etc. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the best networking tools you will have at your disposal. However, it can be difficult to network if you appear to be a one-person organization or have done little to no business. Instead, we offer to associate your personal profile with Advisory Capital Funding Group along with your chosen business entity just as you would if you started at a new company. We show examples of this format during the program. This allows potential clients to verify your credibility and online presence reputation as you build yours. You do not have to do any of the above if you do not want to associate your business in this capacity.

What Do I Need To Know About Ethics For This Opportunity?

As you may expect, we require the utmost integrity and adherence to our ethics and responsibilities. You are permitted to associate yourself with our name and likeness. For this reason, we reserve the right to terminate our relationship without reimbursement or show of cause regardless of situation or scenario. Society and even recent events have shown us the paramount importance we must place on equality and inclusiveness without harm or bias towards any race, religion, gender, political opinion or other factors of societal norms. If we feel this has been violated in any capacity, over any medium, for any reason, we may choose to terminate our relationship with you and your organization. With that said, we have the same commitment to you to always adhere to the same ethical code of conduct and welcome the chance to always learn and become better people and partners for you and your clients. Finally, you offer financial products and services. It is of the utmost importance that the brokers we train conduct themselves in the best interest of their customers and clients. If we feel this has been violated in any capacity, for any reason, we may choose to terminate our relationship with you and your organization.

What Is The Typical Income For This Type Of Business?

There is absolutely no way to predict your income potential. The potential of this opportunity is only hindered by your effort limitations. We would encourage you to do your own due diligence. Inquire about the average deal size and percentage of commission for brokers. You will quickly be able to extrapolate your potential based on the amount of effort you put in. Please be wary of any business opportunity that guarantees a specific level of income without regard to time and effort available or put in to grow their business.

Do You Offer Any Financing or Discounts?

Yes! We offer two different financing options

We offer consumer financing for the course fees along with any add-ons you are interested in. This financing has terms from 24-60 months with interest rates based on the credit worthiness of the borrower. For more information on financing, click Here.

We also offer financing through PayPal. Simply checkout using PayPal and select PayPal Credit as your payment method. They offer 6 months no interest payment plans for qualified borrowers. For more information on PayPal Credit, click Here.
We do have a separate Veteran's Benefit for $2,500 off any package as we are a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned business.

Why Wouldn't Borrowers Just Go To A Bank?

Banks have very stringent lending practices and are very risk adverse. They typically only lend for specific reasons to specific clients. Banks typically only offer loans and lines of credit. This is only 2 facilities of the more than 30+ facilities you will be able to offer. You will be able to offer financial facilities that many people do not even know exist. You will be able offer financing with virtually any credit scenario, cash scenario, collateral scenario, any industry, and and amount of time in business. Are you aware banks will be one of your main sources of partnerships? Banks need to protect their depository accounts. They would much rather send referrals to you rather than another bank. Are you also aware many credit unions can only have certain percentages of their portfolio go towards commercial lending? They have accounts that need your help! There are also Special Asset Departments (SADs) at every bank where their sole purpose is to liquidate loans that are struggling or sever relationships with companies that are struggling with their loans. If you develop relationships with SADs, they are looking to send business your way! This is just a taste of what we cover in the course regarding networking and business development.

What If I Want To Start This Business With A Friend, Family Member, Partner, Or Spouse?

You may bring another person to the same course at no additional cost. We will ask that they sign all of the same paperwork and be individually logged-in. You can even split the cost of the course.

Is This Different Than A Franchise?

Yes. You own your own business. We do not control how you conduct business, we do not have quotas, and you do not share your financial information with us. You never pay us any royalties and are not required to use our services in any capacity.

Does This Business Require Any Previous Experience?

No. We designed our course under the premise that you have no experience and we begin with the fundamentals. The purpose of the course is to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to start and run your own business.

What Does This Business Look Like In Poor Economies?

COVID-19 is a great business case for the Commercial Capital space. Not only did most lenders and funding partners see and increase in need. The country leaned on these private funding sources to aid in the SBA's PPP financial facility in order to protect the economy. You would have made 1-2% on every one of the 5 million PPP Loans you submitted for processing! We are never willing to use the phrase "recession proof"; no one should. However, when banks stop lending, that does not mean businesses won't need capital to keep things moving. Our funding sources thrive in these instances.

Can I Work With Clients Outside Of My Geographic Location?

Absolutely. You can target any client you would like. Some international clients may need to locate domestic capital. Some of your clients need capital that can be used in other countries. You can help with that!

How Do I Need To Structure My Business?

This is a part of your due diligence. Your chosen business structure is entirely up to you and your individual preferences. We cannot offer you legal advice on business structure.

Can I Upgrade My Package At A Later Date?

Yes! You would just pay the difference between your package and the desired package.

Can I Do This Part Time Or Maintain My Current Job?

Absolutely. It is very common due to the fact we do most of the administrative work and especially for our Enterprise clients where leads come to them. The amount of time you spend and your ability to leverage our services and available technology can impact your amount of time and effort required.

Are You Accredited By the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Unfortunately, the BBB is not something we see any value in. It has become antiquated over time and is no longer the primary source of credibility for almost any business.

This article articulates the reason most businesses have stepped away from the BBB and we agree with the essence of the content.