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7 steps to keep your business workflow simple so that you can focus on your clients.


Make no mistake, commercial finance is complex. However, we have streamlined the process through our partnership with proprietary tools and a vetted process. Each time you generate a lead, you will know what will be required to fund their needs.

How It Works
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The Lender Funds The Financing Request

Plain and simple, your client receives their requested funds. We will cover this in-depth during the course, but each facility closes in a time period the differs greatly depending on many factors. Some deals will close in a matter of days and some can take 3-4 months. We will explain how you can diversify the types of clients you service in order to have scenarios closing in various timeframes.


Generate Leads

This will be the main focus of your business. Generate as many leads as possible through the many different sources that are covered in the course. Make it fun! Network! The sources we teach you are endless and only you control the types of leads you pursue and how many.

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Submit Required Documents Through Your Private Portal

Within seconds of qualifying your lead through the Funding Scenario Tool, you can invite your clients to begin submitting the required documents or you can do it on their behalf. 

Generate Deal Package

The software platform does this all for you and even brands the package with a cover letter and your company logo. You will also be able to leave notes and communicate with the broker liaison team throughout the lifecycle of each deal. The goal is always full transparency and communication.

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Submit to Lender

You will then click the “submit to lender” button to automatically invite the lender to review your deal package. You will be able to communicate directly with your client and the lender as necessary all the way through funding.


Qualify Your Lead Through The Funding Scenario Tool™

Utilizing your software platform, you can input basic information about your lead and it will immediately tell you if there is a lender or funding partner willing to fund your deal. Typically, you will have 1-3 scenarios that you can submit your client for. The tool will tell you what documents are required to submit your deal and any other pertinent information. You can use this tool on your computer or phone for immediate results as you work with clients or even while networking. Imagine showing them that you input their information and you have a source of funds for them immediately! 

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You Receive Your Commission!

You keep 100% of your commission! Every lender or funding parter and every type of scenario is paid differently. It is common to expect your commission at closing or on a payment schedule that you will know upfront the moment a lender or funding partner accepts the deal. You will never be in the dark on your commission. You can expect industry-standard commissions with many products you offer providing passive (residual) incomes beyond the initial payment. Of course, there are always opportunities for higher commissions. In some cases, you can set your own commission with the client or even negotiate it with the lender or funding partner. You control what you think is acceptable and never have to accept a commission you are not comfortable with.

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