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Important Characteristics for Anyone Wanting to Start a Business

There isn’t a guidebook on how to be the ideal business owner, but there are definitely role models we can follow!

When thinking about some of the great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and Bill Gates, there are some similar characteristics that come to mind:


Not all days as a business owner are easy, so you need something that will keep you coming back. For many, that’s passion for what they do.


Businesses can flounder without goals to set their sights on. To be successful, goal-oriented business owners focus on milestones to keep their business moving forward and thriving.


Most businesses fail because their owners lack the persistence to keep going when times are tough. On the other hand, we can always find persistence in those that succeed!


No one ever decided to be a business owner if they didn’t like a little bit of risk. Great business owners are those that are able to analyze risks to determine what is the right move for the business.


Confidence in yourself and your business can have a profound impact on you and your employees. Employees look to leaders that have the confidence to establish trust and respect in a relationship.

A business owner won’t have all of the characteristics of being a perfect leader, especially when just starting out. However, being open to change and learning from mistakes is how success is found. Which characteristics from this list do you have?


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