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Working from Home


Top Features
  • Self-paced on-demand or Live 2-Day course to complete at your leisure.

    • The on-demand course is built on an enterprise course authoring platform used by the largest organizations in the country. No recorded webinars and no poor-quality images or sound.

    • For the live course, we leverage world-class technology, professional broadcasting software, and proprietary solutions to deliver our training to you anywhere in the world. We want you to feel comfortable while learning without barriers and eliminate unnecessary expenses during the start of your business.

  • Direct instructor contact within the course of immersive interactions and clarifications to ensure an environment conducive to becoming a quality broker.

  • Course training manual, all slides, and assessments for your personal use.

  • Continued access to our learning platform for the lifecycle of your business including your new staff members as you grow.

  • Access and relationships with over 100+ lenders.

  • Capability to offer 100+ financial products, with over 10,000+ funding scenarios (not an exaggerated number) from your lenders and funding partners.

  • Ability to have your challenging deals submitted through a private deal marketplace for investors and other funding partners to make offers to you and your client via your software platform.

  • Access to a proprietary CRM built specifically for commercial capital brokers. Use this software to access the funding scenario tool, deal management, direct lender chat, custom calculators, information repositories, and continued educational opportunities alongside your lenders. No, there is not any other extra monthly charge for this.

  • Access to a broker liaison team through the software platform for guidance and coaching. Each can chat directly with our broker liaison team within the platform.

  • Invite your clients into a professional enterprise CRM to work directly with you and the lender. Clients will be able to utilize the CRM to monitor their deals with a platform expected of any high-caliber lending process in the technology era. Clients can submit documents and chat directly with you as well as the lender.

  • Certificate of Completion as a Commercial Capital Broker.

Course Package

or 2 Equal Payments of $2,995

Premium Features

What about all of the things I need to keep my business running?

Do you need a website, social media, referral partner help, business cards, Google Ads management, lead generation, or other functions of a business in order to keep you focused on your clients?

The broker liaison team on the software platform can help you with all of this for a small monthly fee. Many broker training programs charge exorbitant fees to fund their staff and their overhead.

We recommend an a la carte or pay-as-you-go approach. Why would you pay so much upfront before you have time to generate revenue?  


The other broker training programs charge you fees that are not comparable with the effort it takes to manage websites and social media with the tools available in this technology era. Do not pay $20,000-$100,000 before you even start!

The broker liaison team on the software platform we have partnered with can build and maintain your website, social media, and other assets for $200-$300 per month!

Within your software platform, the broker liaison team can take care of the following:
Note: These services are not offered by the Advisory Capital Broker Training Program. Your software platform provider manages this effort. All services are done in-house and they do not use any outside resources or agencies.

  • Full social media creation, administration, and management with fresh content for blog and e-mail marketing. 

    • All content is curated and scheduled for you without your involvement. Includes LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

  • Custom logo design with unlimited revisions.

    • Full commercial rights, PNG files, resizable vector files, a full social media kit for 7 platforms, and three different zoom backgrounds.

  • Custom-built websites with hosting, maintenance, and full administration

    • White-labeled custom domain with your desired web address.

    • E-mail account mailboxes with your custom domain name

    • Fully optimized SEO (search engine optimization) rollout plan and maintenance to be found on search engine websites.

  • Referral partner leads (sphere of influence)

  • Business cards

  • Google Ads maintenance and administration for organic lead generation.

  • Alternative proprietary lead generation program similar to the or Zillow algorithm concept

  • ... and much more!

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