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After You've
Completed the Course

Need help or any assistance? Don't worry! We are here for you after the course.
Hear what our support is like

Get Started on Your Onboarding Adventure with Us!

We've broken down the process into simple steps.

Congratulations! You've completed your training, and now it's time to kickstart your journey with us. Here's what's next:

Register to our platform, which not only grants you continued access for your business's entire lifecycle but also serves as your Custom Built CRM with Funding Scenario Tool and automated Deal Packager access. Additionally, gain access to our vast network of relationships with over 100+ lenders.


Sign Up for Our Platform

Get Your Certificate

You'll receive a Certificate of Completion as a Commercial Capital Broker. Begin using our book "Capitalizing Success," plus your Companion Journal and Student Guide notes.

Dive into our Master Content Library, where you'll find marketing materials, social media content, and blog resources.

Access Marketing Tools

Digital Onboarding for Premium, Professional, & Enterprise Packges

Following the completion of the course, you'll seamlessly transition into our digital onboarding process, designed to cater to the unique features and benefits of your Premium, Professional, or Enterprise package.


To kickstart your digital onboarding, simply log in to our platform and head over to the Onboarding Hub. This centralized hub houses all the essential details and resources you need to smoothly navigate through the onboarding process and make the most out of your package benefits.

Access the Onboarding Hub

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