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Choosing the Right Commercial Finance Franchise

The difference between a franchisor and a franchisee is that a franchisee will usually pay a set amount up front and the royalties as they do business to use the franchisor’s processes, name, and get support from them. There are benefits to both parties for this relationship, but it’s important that you pick the right franchisor for your business in order to be successful.


Look at who has been expanding the last few years.

You wouldn’t want to franchise from a company that hasn’t been doing well in 15 years – on the contrary, focus on franchises that are rising stars or have had consistent success in the specific area you want to specialize in.


Find out how the franchise offers support to their franchisees.

If a company is the best financial business in the world but never shares its rules for success with its franchisees, then choosing them is worthless. Find a franchisor that values its franchisees and sets them up for success by...

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Starting Your Commercial Financial Business

If you’ve been interested in starting your own commercial finance business, you might have felt overwhelmed by the thought of diving headfirst into something new. As a business that can have a profound impact on the life cycle of other businesses, feeling confident in your beginnings is crucial to long-term success.


Create a plan.

Business plans are a great way to outline the processes and goals you plan to work with and achieve in your business. The more detailed, the better, as you should be able to reference this plan throughout your business’s life – not to mention, having a business plan to show potential partners or investors is never a bad thing!


Make packages for every type of client.

Even though every client is going to be slightly different than the next (and thus need an entirely different approach to their financing), it can be helpful to be able to show potential clients examples of your packages so that they can visualize what it can do...

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Helping Clients Find the Best Loan Options

Because applying for a loan can be a stressful process, being someone that is right by your client’s side the entire time is an incredibly important aspect of being a Commercial Capital Broker. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you are finding the best loan option for them:

1. Figure out how your client will pay back a loan.

The only way someone is ever able to get a loan in the first place is by proving they will be able to pay it back eventually. By looking at what debt the business already has, how much profit it brings in every season, and its projections for profit down the road, you will be in a much better position to find the right loan for your client.

2. Check ALL of the financing options. 

The industry is always changing, and there are new financing options available every year. It’s your job as a Commercial Capital Broker to be in the know about every option there is out there for your client. Knowing that you’re an expert in the field...

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Benefits of Becoming a Commercial Capital Broker

Many people dream of being their own boss but never take steps to get there. Becoming a Commercial Capital Loan Broker is not only a rewarding and fulfilling job, but it allows you to learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible (and being your own boss is only one of the many perks)! Here at Advisory Capital Broker Training, we offer comprehensive training programs that empower you to take ahold of your career and offer these amazing benefits:


1. You can work from home!

Virtual work and being able to spend time at home with your family doesn’t have to end once the pandemic does. As a Commercial Capital Broker, you can communicate virtually via phone, email, networking, and more as you find clients and conduct your business.

2. How much you make is completely up to you!

The amount of effort and time you put into your business can directly impact how much money you earn. On top of that, you also get the chance to choose what specific type of capital broker...

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